A Line Was Drawn

A Line Was Drawn weaves together material from a number of different sources including footage generated during the production of Making Her Mark, animated sequences, television archives and two distinct voiceover narrations. The work explores issues of how our world is structured through the creation of borders and boundaries limiting movement, thinking, questioning and agency. An integral part of the forming, imposing and maintaining of these delineations is the control over the narratives around them. Through its layered format and contrasting sources of sound, A Line Was Drawn aims to question the construct of seamless television documentary and news narratives tasked with conveying a particular story to convince or intrench a point of view. The film meditates on the need of an individual to have their voice heard in the midst of rules of storytelling and dominant historical narratives. Underlying this is the relationship between human body and land, the body of land and the sea, the body of language and its separate words, the performer and her actions, the bodies that make the film and the politics that erects partitions for the purposes of control. The work was produced with support of The Wapping Project, London.

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