2021 I Wish I Was A River (8mins/HD/Photographs/sound)

2019 A Line Was Drawn (14mins/HD/Archive footage/Super8/Sound)

2018 Making Her Mark (12min/HD/Super8/sound)

2017 Miracuileux | Son (8mins/photo/Super8/sound)

2017 Low Lying Fog (8mins/super8/video/sound)

2016 Broadcast 32172 (8mins/archive footage/iphone/sound)

2016 Encode Series 1:Mary (3mins/scanned photo/sound)

2015 Migrant Women: Shared Experiences (10mins/digital video/sound)

2014 No More (16mins/found footage/vhs/digital video/sound)

2014 The Donnelly Connection (24mins/super8/Digital video/sound)

2013 For The Life of Me (3mins/B&W/digital video/sound)

2012 The Beginning of The End (3mins/super8/sound)

2012 Rene, Bill and Janet (2mins/col/camera-less/sound)

2011 Moving Lives (16mins/digital video/Col/sound)

2009 For the Record (54mins/digital video/Col/sound)

2008 Bell(a)exchange (multi-screened parts 1-7/mixed-super8 and digital video)

2006 Of Things to Come (5mins/photo/sound/camera-less)

2005 State of Mind#4 (10mins/super8/col/dvd)

2004 Dog Days (3mins/super8/sound)

2003 Way Past (10mins/35mm/sound)

2001 Film 2001 (5m/super8/digital video/sound)

2000 You and I (photo/sound/camera-less)

1999 Movements Recollected (22m/16mm/sound)

1998 Home Thoughts (18mins/digital video/sound)

1998 Her Story (6m/super8-digital video/sound)

1994 Our Former Selves (6mins/video/sound)

1991 Blue is the Colour of Distance (3mins/16mm/sound)